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Cases of Measles are on the rise. It is an infectious virus that causes a rash and can be very serious. Download information on Measles to understand the risks, symptoms and need for vacination.

Measles Information

The earlier bowel cancer is spotted, the more treatable it’s likely to be. In fact, more than 9 in 10 people survive bowel cancer when it is diagnosed at the earliest stage. However, this drops significantly when diagnosed at the latest stage.


The uptake figures of the MMR vaccination has been in decline for over ten years, with on average at least one in ten children unvaccinated and at risk of becoming seriously unwell. In some areas this is as high as four in ten children.

NHSE are launching a national call / recall inviting those not fully vaccinated to come forward to catch up on missed doses of the MMR vaccination.


Our Health and Well-being Team are involved in the following events in the coming months:

AprilBowel Cancer Awareness Month
17 MayHypertension Day
7-12 JuneHeart Rhythm Week
10-16 JuneLoneliness Week
15-20 JuneCervical Screening Week
6-11 SeptemberKnow Your Numbers - Blood Pressure
OctoberNational Cholesterol Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
14 NovemberWorld Diabetes Day

Gardening Group
Wellbeing Project at Sutton Manor

Sutton Manor Surgery Project - raised beds

Our Health & Wellbeing Team have announced news about an exciting new initiative which has started at The Sutton Manor Surgery.

Sarah Capes, Health & Wellbeing Team Leader who runs the project said,

“There is a strong and growing evidence that nature based social prescribing plays an important role in improving mental and physical health and reducing loneliness. With this in mind, we have set up a gardening group at Sutton Manor Surgery open to patients and the surrounding community to help tackle loneliness and isolation through activities that also benefit the surrounding wildlife.

"We have received support from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, local community allotments and Men in Sheds to gather inspiration for the plot of land with our first priority being raised beds for vegetable growing. We are happy for more patients to join the group if they are interested in getting involved. The Sutton Manor site gives an idea of what we would like to achieve”.

Social Prescribing Day

Social Prescribing Day

As part of Social Prescribing Day 2024, the BeWell Community Link Workers were based in Bransholme Centre to speak to people about Social Prescribing, the benefits this can have, and referral processes should they want support.

Sutton Manor gardening group
News Update: Gardening Group. Tony from our BeWell Team has developed a plan of how the Sutton Manor Gardening Project will look like going forward. The group consists of volunteers and patients. If you would like to be involved in the gardening project, please speak to a member of staff in your practice for more details.

To see Tony's ambitious plans for the Sutton Manor Gardening Project simply click the button below to download a PDF document. The plan envisages raised strawberry beds, an area for seasonal crops, lavender plants and beds for gooseberries, rhubarb, and more.  In addition to a flower box, the plan highlights a wall of brambles - whilst the south-facing terrace will feature climbing plants - including clematis, jasmine and roses!

Sutton Manor
Goes Green

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